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Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Guardiola

With expertise in game design methodologies, Professor Emmanuel Guardiola is a veteran of the video game industry with over 30 titles released for publishers such as Ubisoft and independent studios such as Dontnod Entertainment. His tracklist includes titles from licences as Prince of Persia, Far Cry, Ghost Recon or adaptations as Frank Herbert’s Dune. At Ubisoft he was in charge of the research and development of game design methodologies strongly related to player’s emotion and game meaning. He was also the creative director of the brand Game For Everyone, with real life benefit objectives. With a PhD in computer science, Professor Guardiola drives research on game design processes at the Cologne Game Lab – TH-Köln (applied sciences university of Cologne). His work is applied in games for education, health, psychology and humanitarian causes.

He has earned several awards such as the Game For Change Europe award, the eVirtuos R&D award, or the Interactive Author of the Year award by the SACD (French Dramatic Author and Composer Society). Since 2009 he was 9 times granted for art and research game projects, such as the main prize of the EduApp4Syria international contest.