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Thursday, April 26 • 16:30 - 18:00
Hyper Talks: Anya Combs, Christina Chrysanthopoulou, Claire Morley, Jazz Mickle, Hannah Nicklin, Malena Klaus, Miguel Alva, Natalie Clayton, Sagan Yee, Xalavier Nelson Jr. – hosted by Lorenzo Pilia

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Hyper Talks are short and fun 5 minute knowledge-injections. Ten speakers will talk about projects, experiences, failures and sources of inspiration in their work. The Hyper Talks are a platform for both established artists as well as upcoming talents: some of the past hypers speakers ended up being winners of the A MAZE. Awards. The session is hosted by A MAZE. / Berlin programme manager Lorenzo Pilia.

- - - - -

Anya Combs: 15 of My Favorite Flash Games
I am the former Developer Relations person at AddictingGames. Here are 15 of my favorite flash games.

- - - - -

Christina Chrysanthopoulou: On Art and Virtual Reality
A short talk about the added value that virtual reality offers to interactive works of art and a brief presentation of such paradigms.

- - - - -

Claire Morley: Accessible creative expression through small tools
Getting started with game development can be daunting, time-consuming, and inaccessible. I taught myself to code and use Unity over a number of years but started using 'small' tools like Bitsy and Flatpack last year, and have found that I am able to use them to articulate and complete my game ideas in a much more realistic time/energy-frame!

- - - - -

Jazz Mickle: An Alternate History Of Game Development
With 20 years of modding history and progress, with relatively little interaction with other fields, the work coming out of the Doom community has creating completely unique takes on design and technical progress. Here's how it changed my outlook on Everything.

- - - - -

Hannah Nicklin: N+1, bikes in games
An in depth analysis of bikes in games which are not about bikes but that contain them. By someone who likes bikes. And makes games.

- - - - -

Malena Klaus: Kickstarted intimacy – Designing intimate spaces for strangers
Are you sick of having the same small talk conversations all the time? Are you craving real, deep connections instead? So were we!That is why we designed "Blanket Space", an analogue, 3-player experience which aims to create intimate, respectful connections between total strangers. And it works!This talk describes how we designed for intimacy, how emotionally straining the process was and how beneficial the outcome.

- - - - -

Miguel Alva: Future II. Mapping reality.
A hyper explanation of Output, a documentary on games and interactive art designed for screening in 2067.

- - - - -

Natalie Clayton: Small Train Dreams
A year ago this week, I released my own take on the queer artgame / first person walker genres.
Let's talk about how working alongside tight limitations helped me dream small.

- - - - -

Sagan Yee: I've Seen That Palm Tree Before: Vaporwave In Videogames
Join Sagan Yee on a hyperspeed journey through the world of vaporwave, a music microgenre / Internet meme / legit art movement! Discover why videogames make the perfect vessel for the ghosts of Late Capitalism and the absurdity of modern existence!

- - - - -

Xalavier Nelson Jr.: How To Run a Billy Ocean LARP on the Last Day of GDC Without Dying
Interested in how social dynamics and physical presence can affect the games you create? Narrative designer and PC Gamer columnist Xalavier Nelson Jr. walks you through the 5 fundamentals of social role-play and game design, using a real-world example from GDC 2018.

avatar for Miguel Alva

Miguel Alva

Miguel Alva is an expert in video games stored in cassettes. He also has experience in game development acquired in major studios around Europe. He owns the games label Screen Implosion.
avatar for Christina Chrysanthopoulou

Christina Chrysanthopoulou

Christina Chrysanthopoulou was born in Athens, Greece in 1986. She is an architect engineer and holds a Master's degree on "Art and Virtual Reality", a collaboration between the Athens School of Fine Arts and the Paris 8 University. She has several publications in conferences suc... Read More →
avatar for Natalie Clayton

Natalie Clayton

Natalie Clayton is a journalist and small game maker, working out of Scotland. She lives, sleeps and tweets in a cold shed, clutching at a coffee obsession. Her work can be found on PCGamesN, Polygon, Eurogamer and more, and she sometimes releases tiny games on Patreon and Itch.
avatar for Anya Combs

Anya Combs

Anya is the Games Outreach Lead at Kickstarter, where she focuses on working with game creators. When she’s not doing games stuff she plays the saxophone in a disco, punk, brass band.
avatar for Xalavier Nelson Jr.

Xalavier Nelson Jr.

Xalavier Nelson Jr. is a freelance game developer specializing in writing and narrative design, as well as a columnist for PC Gamer magazine. He's currently working on a number of Secret Projects, as well as the upcoming Hypnospace Outlaw, and an accessible, free tabletop ruleset... Read More →
avatar for Malena Klaus

Malena Klaus

Malena Klaus became a game developer to fulfil a lifelong desire to invent things. She is wrote her master thesis in game technology at the IT University Copenhagen, in cooperation with UsTwo, worked there for a while. Currently she is travelling and continues to invent worlds, s... Read More →
avatar for Jazz Mickle

Jazz Mickle

Revolutionary composer and video game developer.
avatar for Claire Morley

Claire Morley

Claire is a self-taught programmer and artist outside of her day job as a SQL developer, and has been making games in her spare time for most of her life. She is also passionate about helping others do so by organising game jams and workshops around Bristol, where she is based.
avatar for Hannah Nicklin

Hannah Nicklin

Writer, game/narrative designer & producer working at the confluence of performance, writing, activism & game design for the past 10 years. She has a PhD in games influenced theatre/theatre influenced games. She makes works of playful art that find the best way to ask people to e... Read More →
avatar for Lorenzo Pilia

Lorenzo Pilia

Programme manager for A MAZE. / Berlin festival. Also member of the Global Game Jam executive committee, founder of BerlinGameScene.com, organiser of Talk & Play and part of the Saftladen Indie Game Collective in Berlin.
avatar for Sagan Yee

Sagan Yee

Sagan Yee is an animator and occasional artsy game perpetrator. She is executive director of the Hand Eye Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to exploring videogames as an art form, and has spoken about her community work at places like GDC, SXSW, Different Games and A M... Read More →

Thursday April 26, 2018 16:30 - 18:00
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